Pamela Flather

Pamela Flather



Meet Pamela “Pam” Flather

Pam is a San Antonio native. She is a spirited, loyal and a proactive real estate professional that began her career in real estate investing over 20 years ago. Pam and her husband not only invests in single family and multi-family properties in the San Antonio market, but also around the globe. They owned, rented, and sold homes in Western, Canada before moving into the Costa Rica market where they added land sales, and custom built homes to their portfolio. Also in Costa Rica, they owned and operated a beachfront home and hotel for 14 years until they decided to sell and come home to San Antonio permanently. They are currently building an investment home in Mexico which they will sell soon.

Often Pam’s friends, family and colleagues request help with consulting, staging and selling “their" real estate. Pam, always willing to help, decided to make it official and got “licensed” in the industry as well.

Pam has a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about all types of Real Estate. She is focused, well rounded and has a go-getter attitude. Her strong communication and negotiation skills makes her someone you want on your team and representing you. She always puts her clients’ interests above all else.

Make an appointment with Pam today to meet a true professional! See for yourself what a difference this makes when it comes to selling or buying your home.

Letter of Recommendation

Sale of home at 240 W Lullwood, San Antonio, TX 78212 I recently sold a home at 240 W. Lullwood. The home is in the Monte Vista historic neighborhood. I knew that area made my goal of a rapid, “as is” sale more difficult. I needed realtor expertise and assistance. I interviewed six realtors from a variety of reality companies both large and small. This process took four months. I then had the good fortune to meet Pamela “Pam” Flather.

Where the other realtors were helpful, but a little vague on the “how” of selling my Mother’s house, Pam was decisive. A day after our first meeting, she presented a detailed sales plan, area market analysis, a suggested pricing profile and recommended action timeline. I was very impressed with her attention to detail and obvious experience. We signed a contract that resulted in a closed sale, at my requested price, in three weeks.

I found Pam very organized, highly experienced and extremely easy to work with. None of my family lives in San Antonio so we needed a representative with local experience and the energy to drive this sale to a swift resolution. Pam was the perfect fit to our needs. She is very personable with boundless energy and a laser focus on the job we had at hand…selling 240 W. Lullwood. The mission was accomplished in minimum time with zero strain on me. As the customer in this process, I could not be more pleased.

Buying or selling property in the San Antonio…I highly recommend Pam Flather as a gifted realtor who makes things happen.

I am happy to comment further, please contact me at: or (601) 421-3010 Neal Patton